What is it?

ResourceEventScrambler is a Java program that was made with ease of usability in mind. It is a tool that can be used by FiveM servers to scramble their resources' events. By scrambling the events, this in turn makes it tougher for modders to come onto a server injecting pre-made lua menu scripts to utilize on your server. Most modders for the most part do not actually know how to code themselves. Many modders just use the executor and then insert a mod menu which is the ease of usability for them. Scrambling your resources will prevent most modders from doing any damage to your server, so it is a very smart way of deterring these malicious individuals.

How to use

All you need to do to use it, is place the .zip you download from (always use the latest release) into your fx-server-data folder (otherwise known as the directory/folder that holds your server.cfg). It is recommended you back up your resources folder before running this program (just to make sure). The program will make a backup by default of your resources folder, but who knows if it may miss something on accident. This is why I recommend backing it up yourself just in case.

  1. Unzip the .zip into your fx-server-data folder (otherwise known as the directory/folder that

    holds your server.cfg file)

  2. Copy your resources folder (the resources folder that has never been scrambled)

    and paste it to make a backup

  3. Run the resourceScramble.bat to start scrambling your resources

  4. Place RES_Anticheat in the resources folder and start it in your server.cfg

  5. You are done! Your resources should now be properly scrambled just like eggs, but just no taste...


After you have ran the scrambler, you will now have a brand new Anticheat to catch people trying to mod by triggering the events before you scrambled them. Move the RES_Anticheat directory into the now scrambled resources folder

How do I add resources?

After you have scrambled your resources, you can't add new resources to the resources directory anymore.

You will need to add the resources to a backed up resources folder, then scramble this folder. Repeat steps 1-4 again in this case.


Source Code (Java):

Built (with .bat executable):

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