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What is it?

Another discord script, yes, you're all welcome!

This one restricts peds to certain discord groups much like my other scripts

Forgive my typing mistakes in the gif please... Thanks

You must set up IllusiveTea's discord_perms script for this to work properly. --> https://forum.cfx.re/t/discord-roles-for-permissions-im-creative-i-know/233805

How it works

Find the following within your server.lua and replace the 1s in here with discord role IDs:

roleList = {
1, -- Trusted Civ (1)
1, -- Donator (2)
1, -- Personal (3)

responds to it's respective number within the other list (which will be located in the client.lua):

restrictedPeds = {
{}, -- Trusted Civ (1)
{}, -- Donator (2)
}, -- Personal (3)

Therefore blackpanther, deadpool, and kermit would be restricted to be used by the roleList group 'Personal'

It's quite simple :)



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