This is a simple AOP voting script. Technically with the way it is designed, you could have it just be a voting script (just change the messages). Basically you can start AOP votes and have players actually vote for options to see what they want. It's quite simple, but the /aopvote command in another script I have never worked, so I put this one together.

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/startVote [seconds] [option1] [option2] [option3] [option4] [option5] - The amount of vote options you can have are unlimited. Basically every option is delimited by a space, so use "-" for things that usually require a space. (Example of what I mean is down in the Gifs below)

To use /startVote, add the ACE permission to the user group:


/vote [id] - Vote for the specified ID of an option

Download BadgerVoting

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