Discord identifier not found

Quick Disclaimer: If you are having the error “Identifier Not Found”, and 1000% know it’s set up right. This is not an ‘issue’ with the script, but rather Discord. Discord integration is new and is BETA meaning it will have issues that cannot be solved by myself. This means that some users ID’s might just not get picked up at all.

This is a statement from FiveM:

We also might end up hitting rate limits, so not all players will be identified even if they are running a Discord app client.


Ever since the new Discord to FiveM methods mentioned here, Discord now requires you to give permission for FiveM/RedM to use your Discord user ID. If it’s your first time opening FiveM you will more than likely have a Discord pop-up in the Discord app asking you to authenticate. This will look like this:

If you have already authenticated Discord you will see this in your Discord settings Settings > Authorized Apps

Fix Methods

Feel free to move through these steps in order to try and get Discord and FiveM to work together. Not all methods may work and you may need to do multiple. They will be ordered in a somewhat good order so just start at the top and move down as needed.

  • Relaunch FiveM and once launched, check your Discord window and see if the pop-up is there. Pop-up:

  • Check your Authorized Apps (Settings > Authorized Apps) and see if you have the and see if it’s already there. If it is, try clicking the ‘Deauthorize’ button and relaunch FiveM. Authorized app:

  • Ensure you’re not using Discord PTB, if you don’t know what PTB is yopu more than likely don’t have it.

  • Delete and Reinstall Discord.

If it’s still not resolved you can try the below.

  • Reinstall FiveM, GTAV & Discord.

Credit to Faxes for this part of the documentation:

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