Updating Server Binaries


  • Make sure your server is currently offline. If it is not offline, turn it off. Follow all of the next steps whilst your server stays offline.

  • You probably have a folder that contains your Fivem server. Navigate to the directory that contains these 2 folders:

Note: Sometimes FXServer is named server-bin

Note: Sometimes fx-server-data is named server-data

  • You now want to download updated server binaries over at the following page:

Server Artifacts for Windows

  • You want to downloaded the latest recommended:

  • You have now downloaded the artifacts for server binaries. Now extract the zipped directory:

Note: Pay no attentions to the Badgers dancing behind the file browser... Don't get distracted.

  • Now we need to update the server binaries, open your file browser that has the two FiveM server directories as instructed in our first step:

  • Open up the FXServer directory:

  • Open up the server folder we just extracted previously in the GIF:

  • Copy all of the contents of the server folder into our FXServer folder:

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