Version 1.0

This is basically just a script I threw together for my server with a bunch of useful walking styles, animations, and features.

One of the features is if a player is at 50% or less health that they then are set to the walking style limping automatically and will continue to walk like that until they are not under 50% health.

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For the lockpicking feature to work, you must have this script installed properly as well --->

All of the features in this script can be toggled on/off via the config section within the client.lua file.


--- Config ---

-- Locks for vehicles
enableLockpick = true
enableLock = true
enableUnlock = true
lockpickingCarStr = "Breaking into car"
lockpickingCopCarStr = "Breaking into cop car"
lockpickingCarTime = 10 -- Seconds
lockpickingCopCarTime = 40 -- Seconds
copCars = {

-- Misc
enableHealthInjured = true

-- Walk Styles
enableDrunk = true
enableHiking = true
enableInjured = true
enableMuscleWalk = true


/drunk - Toggles your ped's walking style between drunk and sober.

/injured - Toggles your ped's walking style between limping and regular.

/hiking - Toggles your ped's walking style between hiking and regular.

/musclewalk - Toggles your ped's walking style between musclewalk and regular.

/lock - Locks the vehicle you are sitting in.

/unlock - Unlocks the vehicle you had previously locked with /lock.

/lockpick - Breaks into the closest vehicle to you.







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