Fivem Keybase Anticheat

Version 1.0

How it works

Essentially this script protects your server events from being triggered by others from the client side of scripts (people with Lua executors). You will give the server events passwords, then to trigger the event, you must run it through the Keybase-Anticheat so it will verify it as a valid event triggered by you on the server-side. This is very useful considering nobody can exploit it from the client-side as they will not know the key you set for the event.


ProtectedServerEvents = {
	{'KB-AC:UnprotectedExample:OOC', 'KEY-FOR-EVENT'},
BlacklistedServerEvents = {
  • You'll see this configuration section above within the server.lua of Keybase-Anticheat

  • You'll want to put the event name within 'Event' and then the password/key you want for the event where KEY-FOR-EVENT is

  • BlacklistedServerEvents is a list of popular server events hackers trigger with their common Lua executors when joining servers and/or on servers

  • Once you set all of these up, you'll then need to know how to trigger your events within your script

How to trigger my events?

  • Now you have set up a protection for triggering your server events, but how do you make your server events valid? You do this by going through the Keybase-Anticheat API

  • We will show an example using the event in the first line of our configuration above

  • We will use {'KB-AC:UnprotectedExample:OOC', 'KEY-FOR-EVENT'},

  • We want to trigger this event

  • We would do the following to successfully trigger the server event without setting off our Anticheat

TriggerEvent('KB-AC:TriggerServerEvent', 'KEY-FOR-EVENT', 'KB-AC:UnprotectedExample:OOC', table.concat(args, ' '))
  • By doing it this way, we passed the key for the event, then this lets the Anticheat know it is a valid event being used


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