BadgerTracer: So you have players joining your server, VDMing/RDMing then leaving to avoid punishments don't you? Annoying as hell right? They then change their name, so the next time they login they can repeat the process again... Gosh, what an annoyance. That BS stops today. I introduce to the world, BadgerTracer. A script in which logs a player's name via IP within server memory. If they change their name, you'll be informed the next time they login. They thought you wouldn't know who they were, oh, but you do. RIP.

Badger's Discord Community

Developer Discord

Permissions: BadgerTracer.Access Anybody with this permission can see the messages within the in-game chat.



Just place your webhook within the '' and you'll be good to go :)

--- CONFIG ---
webhook = '';

Download: BadgerTracer

Make sure you give it a star and/or fork! Would very much appreciate it :)

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