Version 1.0

It is here everyone! The first of it's kind (at least I think)! A vehicle restriction script that is just for personal vehicles! You have commands such as /trust, /untrust to trust and untrust players to use the vehicle you own.

This all works via a file called whitelist.json and it keeps track of every player's vehicles they are allowed to drive! If you run a huge huge server, this may not be the resource for you unless you have a developer capable of moving it to a database storage system... Other than that, this resource runs well for the smaller servers. I may look into adding an SQL option in the future though.

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If they do not have access to your personal vehicle?:

Some examples of messages gotten by running commands:

  • Commands

/trust [playerID] [spawncode] = Trust the specified player to your vehicle if you own it.

/untrust [playerID] [spawncode] = Opposite of /trust... Lol..

/vehicles = List the vehicles you have access to utilize

  • Admin Commands

/setOwner [playerID] [spawncode] = Set the owner of a personal vehicle

/clear [spawncode] = Gets rid of all the specified vehicle's data in case you messed up setOwner

  • Permissions

This gives permission to run Admin commands:

add_ace group.admin VehwlCommands.Access allow
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