Version 1.0

Basically, you ever want to give players access to their own personal ped, then trust and untrust others to use it? That's what this script is for! This script allows you to trust and untrust players to your "personal" ped.

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/setPedOwner [player] [spawncode] - Give a player the ownership of a ped. This should only be allowed to be ran by staff members. Permission for it can be found below

/trustPed [player] [spawncode] - Trust a player to access your ped. Won't work if they don't own the ped.

/untrustPed [player] [spawncode] - Untrust a player your previously trusted to access your ped.

/peds - List the peds you have access to utilize.

Permissions add_ace group.admin PedTrustSystem.Access allow # To use /setPedOwner <id> <spawncode>

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