Version 1.0

Yes yes I know... I only make discord-based scripts. Well, you're damn welcome!

This is a script that added prefixes to ID tags above players :) by using fully discord roles thanks to IllusiveTea!

I also wanna give thanks to MrDaGree for originally creating the script this was adapted onto! You can find that here, https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-changed-player-name-tags-distance-names/19204

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Installation Tutorial


/tag-toggle - Turns off the prefix from being shown for the player (if they have a prefix in their tag)

/tags-toggle - Turns off all tags from being shown above other players for ONLY yourself (good for streamers and/or pictures)

/headtag - Check what Head-Tags you have access to and change them with /headtag [id]

How does the tags look on players? Let's have a look :)

The 1s in this part of the server.lua file must be replaced with the IDs of your discord roles that are equal to the prefix you have associated with it:

roleList = {
{0, "~w~"}, -- Regular Civilian / Non-Staff
{1, "~r~STAFF ~w~"}, --[[ T-Mod ]]-- 
{1, "~r~STAFF ~w~"}, --[[ Moderator ]]--
{1, "~r~STAFF ~w~"}, --[[ Admin ]]--
{1, "~p~MANAGEMENT ~w~"}, --[[ Management ]]--
{1, "~o~OWNER ~w~"}, --[[ Owner ]]--



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