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What is it?

I always see people asking for Fire scripts. The ones people usually use have tons of bugs and/or are broken, so I decided to create one that actually worked well with a lot of nice features to it. Hopefully you all can find some use out of it.

All I ask

I make plenty of resources for these forums free of charge all for everyone's convenience. As a recently graduated college student I will be looking for a job soon, so having a following on GitHub really looks good to recruiters. In return for my efforts that benefit this community, I hope you all can pay it forward by giving me a follow on my GitHub, that's all. Thanks.


/fire start <inFrontDistance> <size> <density> <flameScale> - Starts a fire

/fire preview <inFrontDistance> <size> <density> <flameScale> - Previews a fire's size

/fire stop <ID> - Stops a fire based off it's ID

/fire stopall - Requires the BadgerFires.StopAll permission node

/fires - Lists all your started fires with their fire IDs


Command Usage Example

Fire Preview

Fire Start

The /fires command

Turning off preview mode

Stopping the fire


Config = {
    MaxSize = 5,
    MaxDensity = 5,
    MaxFlameScale = 5,
    Concurrent = 1,
    AnyoneCanUse = true, -- Anyone can use it? -- THIS WILL DISABLE PERMISSIONS

-- ONLY ACTIVE IF `AnyoneCanUse` is set to false
Config.Permissions = { -- ACE PERMISSIONS
    ['BadgerFires.Start.15'] = {
        MaxSize = 15,
        MaxDensity = 15,
        MaxFlameScale = 15,
        Concurrent = 3,
    ['BadgerFires.Start.30'] = {
        MaxSize = 30,
        MaxDensity = 30,
        MaxFlameScale = 30,
        Concurrent = 5,

This should be pretty self explanatory...


Lucas Decker (

Dylan Thuillier (

Thank you to these 2 individuals for the base code I based this resource off of. Despite it not being very well-documented, the code was well-written and I made it up to date with FiveM standards.


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