Version 1.0

This is a pretty simple script, but cool one also. It utilizes a player's discord roles to determine if they are a LEO or not. If they are within the roleList, then they are considered to be a LEO and will have access to use the /leoChat commands.

Badger's Discord Community



roleList = {
1, -- National Guardsmen
1, -- SASP 
1, -- LSPD 
1, -- Fire/EMS Department
prefix = '^0[^3LEO Chat^0] ^r';
  • You will want to replace the 1s with the roleIDs of your respective discord LEO roles. I placed a few common LEO roles as comments next to the 1s for terms of a structure. Keep in mind, you can change all of this, you can also add more roles to this by just adding the roleIDs with commas after them within the {} of the roleList

  • You can change prefix to anything you want, as this will just be the prefix the script displays in front of every message it sends


/leoChat - Toggles on and off LEO Chat

/leoChat on - Turns LEO Chat on

/leoChat off - Turns LEO Chat off

/leoChat vis - Toggles on and off the visibility of seeing LEO Chat messages from others



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